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Masonry Restoration Specialists

Sandstone Cleaning and Restoration Heritage Listed Buildings Chimney and Salt Damp Restoration Sandstone and Brick Restoration Traditional Lime Mortar Repointing Bluestone Restoration

Repointing and Restoration Services including:

  • Lime mortar and render
  • Lime washes and shelter coats
  • Salt damp work/poulticing and consolidation
  • Conservation/preservation of original fabric
  • Low pressure cleaning/paint removal
  • Stone and brick matching/replacement
  • Chimney stabilisation work
  • Render and plastering consolidation
  • Banking/carving work
  • Advisory service/investigative consultancy
  • Project management

At Stoneideas Pty Ltd we provide our residential and commercial clients, builders and consulting architects with an extensive heritage masonry restoration service. We are willing and able to work with you to conserve and/or restore your masonry buildings, no matter how large or small the project.

We encourage you to make contact with us for a no obligation discussion and quotation, with the aim to help you restore and/or preserve the value of your asset and our most important South Australian built heritage.